Meso-American Strategy Browser Games

Finally, after looking for a while, I found some strategy browser games withe a Meso-American theme. Both of these MMO’s are available in Spanish and English. Unfortunately, neither of them are well-polished.

The first, Native Kingdoms, seems a lot like eRepublik. I liked eRepublik, but one of my biggest complaints was that there isn’t much to do your first time playing, which makes it very hard to get into. Coupled with Native Kingdom’s lackluster presentation makes this one a pass for me. Though I did find this part of the introduction mail quite humorous: “…Finally a polite request! Please do not buy more than 2 Tortillas per day, we have a lot of new players and tortillas are scarce, buying more than you need leaves someone else to starve! So be considerate and only buy what you need! (buying to sell at profit is strictly forbidden and profiteers will be severely punished, as will those hoarding food stuffs)…” Again, with the honour system. Can they not just code that into the game? It’s as if Travian sent you a mail “Whenever an attacker defeats you, please send him the appropriate resources he would have raided, had we finished programming…

Next is Mesians. This one is an actual strategy game, in the classic Travian style. Village, resources, troops, all the good stuff. Logging in for the first time can be rather eerie. There’s no tutorial, nothing flashing, no welcome mat, nothing. All you have is a blank village. It was very disconcerting. Since I basically know what I’m doing it wasn’t too difficult to get my village going though. I upgraded all my mines a few levels, built a warehouse, senate, wall, and upgraded my “central pyramid” as much as I needed. Then I went to check out the map.

More eerie. Page after page of abandoned cities. Never a good sign. They do have some active players though, so hopefully there’s a strong user base that will stick with the game long enough for it to up the presentation so it can actually compete with the larger online strategy games. Eventually I did find a tutorial though. Unfortunately the translation still needs a little work…



One Response to Meso-American Strategy Browser Games

  1. Laytonia says:

    Native Kingdoms looked interesting – but the introduction mail is more than enough to turn me off.

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