Ikariam World War Part 1

The Ikariam World War is going well, though much differently than expected.

At first I sent my forces out east to help some members and we were pretty successful. We had a hilareous battle where someone tried to liberate a town we were occupying, but neglected to send any wall-breaching units so just splattered 1,000 front line units against the wall.

Action soon grew dull in the area though, so I headed back west. A very strong player, LoCarb, was occupying one of my allies’ towns. I went to assist. Things weren’t looking good, but we finally killed all his flanking units and managed to win the day. Since then we have been scouring the area, picking off anyone we can. We found another player, Tom, who had a military to match my own, but he had left his navy divided across all his towns. My armada had an easy time sailing from town to town picking him off. We’re actually raging against the last of his army right now.

An interesting aspect of this world war is that it’s turned out much more defensive than I would have thought. In a normal war, there are dozens of players who are so far from the combat that there’s no need to worry about defending their own towns and they simply send their entire force to the front line. But now, since an attack could theoretically come from anywhere, many players seem to be keeping some of their troops at home.

There are still over two more weeks of war left, and there are definitely some large battles taking place. After I clear my immidiate area of potential threats I’ll be looking forward to joining them.


Battle Narrative Contest: Results

And so it ends. The Battle Narrative Contest is over. Congratulations to Eric Markle and his winning tale of the siege of Cori Celesti. Hopefully he can use the prize to keep his empire thriving. This has been a great contest, thanks to all who participated!


Battle Narrative Entry: Eric Markle

The castle had been brand new, it’s completion christened only a few days prior, but no time was wasted in putting it to the test. As the mist of morning cleared, battle formations could be seen assembling as they marched fresh off the rows of moored frigates. They flew the banner of Biohazard a city in the empire of Megatron at the far end of the island that most had only heard tell of by passing merchants. No one knew why they came, they were the first but far from the last to come from that far away land to stand before the tall walls of Cori Celesti in the coming days.

The walls bristled with rangers standing at the ready as the guardian squads bustled into place in the courtyard. The militia from the surrounding glens had arrived only the night before taking up position beside their brethren.

And then without a word it began, the siege weapons of the fleet unleashing a wave a fire that engulfed the city gate in an instant shattering it to mere kindling and starting small fires throughout the city. In response a rain of massive bolts began falling among the ships, many sinking rapidly as great holes were rent through their hulls. Just as suddenly the ships fell silent replaced instead by the roar of hooves as the enemy poured through the remnants of the gate and slammed into a wall of bristling spears. Strategy and battle lines quickly devolved into a general melee as Rangers stood their ground against raging Berserkers, Templars becoming bathed in the fire of angry Mages, and Guardians surrounding isolated knights pulling them from their steeds.

With sheer numbers on their side the defenders began pushing slowly back towards the gate on all sides. Those still on horseback were the first to turn tail and the rest soon followed flowing back out the smoking portal in disarray under a harassing rain of arrows.

There was no thought of pursuit though, as just outside the range of the ballista the surviving fleet was covering the retreat. The cheers of victory were cut off before they even had time to gain momentum when returning scouts whispered dire news to the commander. No less than 6 additional armies were moving through the valley towards the city. The siege of Cori Celesti has begun…

Image 1

Battle Narrative Entry: Chavener

One of my most successful 61 round battles.

I have been pillaging this guy and he decided to retaliate against my weakest town, Stinkpit. He sent a huge navy that beat my single ram ship ( I had moved the others away) and then hit the town with over 1500 troops. Unfortunately for him I had a good wall and many mortars whereas he had few wall breakers. So
220,000 damage to him, zero to me.

As his navy was about to leave the blockade I crushed his navy too with small losses. So he was trapped and I just slowly beat him to death. Mortar ships seem to be worthless 🙂

Image 1
Image 2: notice he has no wall breakers left. He never broke my wall. I just added some more fresh troops with mortars and he was doomed.
Image 3: I don’t know why it said his troops were cALLED BACK SINCE THE PORT WAS NO LONGER blocked by him

Battle Narrative Entry: James Pryor

The small city of Jamestown rested in the crooked elbow of a mighty river. The power of the river was harnessed by the city. It allowed the mills to grind wheat into flower. The stonemasons used it’s flow to turn huge polishing wheels and create wondrous works. Their most recent was the Monument to the fallen Berserker built in front of the town hall for all to see. It honored the one man crazy enough to venture out into the forest who was killed by a giant spider. Incidentally, it was this same action that earned him the nickname of berserker.

Jamestown was a peaceful town, surrounded by other peaceful towns. Citizens worked by day and celebrated by night. They were happy folks with few worries. In fact, the only worry to be had belonged to the city council. A group of officials put in place by James himself to see to the order of the city. They were very successful with the exception of revenue generation. There were so many plans to make Jamestown better, but no money to do it with.

One of the younger members of the council convinced the others that tourism could generate a great deal of revenue. The catch was they needed something that would make Jamestown stand apart from other cities. What was it that could compel others from miles around to make the journey?

After some deliberation, a conclusion was reached. Jamestown needed a majestic symbol of power, a building that was unique to the area, something that could contain its culture; Jamestown needed a castle!

It was perfect. There wasn’t one for miles. Many had never even seen one in person. Work began right away. A few years later Jamestown had a castle that overlooked the same river that supplied the people water and machinery. It was a beautiful and wondrous sight.

It worked too! The day after its completion some people from far away rode into town on horseback. They hailed from a place no one had ever even heard of. They were armed men, but nice enough. They stayed in the inn. Ate in the Tavern. Of course they visited the castle. They even took time to admire the Monument to the fallen Berserker.

Everyone was excited. Jamestown was flourishing.

Then one day, a man came to town. He was elaborately dressed and clearly very wealthy. He spoke to the people as if he could have lead an army, but he came alone. He spoke with conviction and passion about the country he hailed from. A place just over the mountains from beyond where the mighty river starts.

The councilmen couldn’t believe what happened the next morning. After listening to this man all night, the citizens in the peaceful town of Jamestown revolted. They decided they could no longer stand under the rule of a man who knew nothing of defending a city; even if it was just a small peaceful city. The councilmen, at their roots, were cowards. When they heard the citizens wanted to revolt and take protection from a ruler they had never even heard of twelve hours before, they agreed in hopes they could keep their jobs after the change in leadership.

The change was peaceful, no blood was spilled in combat. Not even the messenger who carried the news to James was harmed. Thankfully James believed in a philosophy that doesn’t require one to kill the messenger of bad news.

However the ordeal did cause one death. The wife of the fallen berserker was visiting her husbands monument at the town hall when the mob came to tell the council they would no longer stand James’ ignorant ways. In those few minutes before the council caved, no one knew for sure what would happen. Many expected the council to denounce this treasonous idea. In a display of seriousness the mob of town folks pushed over the monument. It fell right on top of the berserkers wife.

In the end, the well dressed man stayed to look over the council. He allowed the council to stay intact, but he was essentially the power behind the decision makers. One of the first decision’s he allowed them to make was a new monument in place of the fallen berserker. It was called The Berserker and his Wife.

Image 1

Battle Narrative Entry: Goemon

On 06.28.10 at 0900 hours, the so-far peaceful Country of Surfgoemon was attacked. Located on a sunny, unassuming little of the coast of South America, Surfgoemon’s main focus has been research. Well, military research, sure, but research nonetheless! The attackers struck without warning both from the air and the ground, with squads of both Anti-Tank Missiles and Paratroopers. The barbwire surrounding the Surfgoemon facility stopped all of the Anti-Tank Missile soldiers in their tracks, but the unprepared defenses were little match for the thousands of Paratroopers that made their way in. The remaining Soldiers fought valiantly, but unfortunately all were lost. With their sacrifice, however, they were able to save the vast majority of the country’s buildings, and the island will live to fight another day.

Image 1
Image 2

I Am the Lord of Ultima (well, not yet) Part 9

I Am the Lord of Ultima (well, not yet)
– by Goemon

I was greeted by LoU with an interesting sight this week.

What you’re seeing is a level 1 Town Hall, and absolutely nothing else. This is (used to be) my main and biggest city, aptly titled The City of Goemon. It was the main city that had been under siege in the weeks prior to this, but I had held off my attacker and thought I was home free. My army was still weak- I hadn’t fully recovered from the previous attacks. But I didn’t think I was in that much trouble.

Oh, how wrong I was. He sent 140,000 Berzerkers to clean out my defending army first, then followed it up with 6000 catapults. The whole city was in ruins in a matter of hours. At the most, one day.

Interestingly enough, he didn’t take the city over, or destroy it completely. He just destroyed everything but the Town Hall and the Castle, both of which are at level 1. So pretty much the city is permanently crippled, but he won’t put it out of it’s misery.

So I got that going for me.

I tried to get rid of the castle myself (to at least get a buffer to try and rebuild), but that’s not an option in the game. Once it’s built, it’s there to stay. I don’t really know if this town is worth saving- it’s already castled, so it’ll be vulnerable to attack if I rebuild anything and get resources worth taking. On the bright side, I have 3 other cities that are pretty well defended, and they’re not castled yet so I don’t have to worry about losing those just yet.

In fact, my other largest city got plundered as well, by ANOTHER 140,000 Berzerkers. Luckily, this one had better defenses AND no castle, so I did alright. I don’t get what I’m doing wrong in this game! How do I get that many troops?! For kicks, here’s the report I got to look at:

My attacker is in the Blood_Legion alliance, which just so happens to be the number one alliance on the server. So I don’t think I’ll have much of a chance if I retaliate against him. But that’s OK! I’m building up the defenses of my other towns and I’m ready for another attack. I say this now, but we’ll see when it actually happens.