Tales of Aloriah, 8th

The stars are aligning. For over a week now Gorogorosama has been leading the forces at Argyll, using the Sacrificial Dagger and piles of burning wood to hasten the city’s construction and standing firm against the Emerald Dragons. Gold has been pouring through Moyle to purchase a CP and a pair of Parchment of Researches that helped Athenry research another CP. There in Athenry, Boom-Shaka has been reborn and is preparing to lead a few Berserkers into the Dry Steppes. There he will rally the forces at Rathlin and meet with Gorogorosama to escort 25 settlers into the Motlen Ashlands.

The time is drawing near. The Mother Dragons’ days are numbered. Now I ask you, dear readers, to lend me your advise. What is the best type of army to march into the Molten Ashlands? I have a level 10 Workshop. What type of troops should I be upgrading, and what types of specialization should I use? Right now I have my Berserkers at lvl 2 and using Fire Damage, and that seems to be working pretty well (it seems units have resistence to that), but what should I use against the Mother Dragon?

Also, I have a few artifacts that will hopefully help. The Dragon Amulet, Dragon Helmet, and Dragon Armor. Together they grant me 60% higher life and damage against the great wyrm. There’s also an auction for a Protective Dragon Salve. It sounds important, but I don’t really know what it does. I guess I’ll figure that out once I am inevitably “hit by the Mother Dragon’s Fiery Flames…”



Travian Chronicles II: Week 3

It’s been a pretty great week for Athenry. I managed to follow one of the members from the disbanded alliance, into a new one, M!Tr@ SW. I have no idea how to pronounce our alliance, but we’re number 85 on the server and allied with all the other M!Tr@ alliances, including the #8 and #20 on the server. So, this has actually been a much better move for me. On top of that I now have a sitter and am sitting. It’s safe to say this is probably the best I’ve done at the Travian social game.

I’ve already founded my second village (no joke when they call it a speed server) and I don’t think I’ve been attacked at all this week. My main village is still crannied up, but I’ve also got a fair number of troops in my friend Retter’s village. We’re hoping that our combined forces will be able to withstand attacks more easily, and of course having one village that is theoretically “safe” is great for when you need to store some settlers.


Travian Chronicles II: Week 2

…and we’re back.

Second week of the new Travian server was going pretty well. I was only attacked a couple times and kept all my resources well crannied. I was in what seemed like a pretty decent alliance, “Death’s Angels”. Interestingly we seemed to have a lot of Iranian members and we even had this cool ASCII sword on our alliance page. But then without warning the alliance leader announced he was quitting the game and deleted his account.

So I’m alone again. My own account seems to be going pretty well. I’ve finished my level 10 palace so will be starting on settlers soon and then village number 2. I’m also asking around some of the stronger players from old DA who have joined new alliances and hoping to gain some new allies that way.


Travian Chronicles II: Week 1

Oi, it’s been a long time since I’ve written one of these. The new server has been up for a week now and I’ve been doing my best to get my village up and running, focusing on resource production.

I did a lot of thinking about what went wrong last time around. It seemed I was doing fine until a few players basically lost their raiding parties against my defenders, then got pissed off and set out to destroy me. As much as I’d like to play with the big-boys, I just don’t have enough time to be a successful aggressor on this server, so my strategy will be to lay low: focus on production and crannies. I do, however, need to be more aggressive about making good allies. We’ll see how that goes.

Alright, here’s a look at my village and stats so far. Hopefully next week will be far more interesting.


Travian Chronicles II: Preview

It begins again…

TC8: Fin

Ever since my “demise” a week ago I’ve been contemplating that this might be the end of this set of Travian Chronicles. After checking my account today I realized that, unfortunately, there’s really no hope for the people of Athenry. The best thing to do is call it a game and start over. It’s definitely been a nice run and a lot of fun. But now I leave it to you to decide where I go from here.

While waiting for the results, let’s take a look at how I did, what went wrong, and what I learned.

First, here’s an image that shows my progress. It looks like I was doing pretty good up until that fatefull day. Hah.

Also interesting is the change in my ranking. It seems that for the first month I was constantly losing ground. I assume this is the time when all the experienced players were hitting the ground running and fighting for the top ranks right off the bat. During the second month, however, my rank started to increase drastically. Most of this was probably due to alot of players who started the game but soon grew bored or defeated and left. It looks like the number of active players dropped by 50% during February, and has gradually fallen to about 1/3 of the initial players.

Looking back at my own ranking, it seems my rank was steadily (though very slowly) improving up until the end of March. This is when Archer started to catapult me and basically wrecked my second village. Interestingly, despite basically losing a whole village, my resource production and military continued to rise at a steady rate. My population, however, remained stagnant, and since this is the only thing used to measure “rank”, I started to decline. Then, of course, there was the epic conflict with “Inside”. I’ve taken the liberty of snatching his player profile:

So yeah, never really stood a chance against him. Sadly, he struck JUST when my new alliance was getting together. However, I don’t think they would have been able to help much either. Travian Champions showed me this cool tool where I was able to get a map of the whole server. I’m the yellow dot. The blue is my alliance, and the red is Inside’s alliance group, Vandals. They occupy both the first and second place spots on the server. Unfortunately I ended up much closer to some power enemies than anyone who could help me.

Overall it was great fun and I certainly learned a lot about the game. Next time I need to be much more aggressive about getting help, in terms of sitters and a powerful alliance. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of some of these tools to help me identitfy the poewrful alliances near me and trying to get on their good side before I become a farm.

Another thing I’ll have to reconsider is my non-aggressive strategy. I really don’t like picking on the little guys, as I know how much that sucks to log in to your account and see dozens of raids. My peaceful strategy also seemed to work really well up until my enemies started using catapults. Up until then I was free to focus on just improving my resource fields and building new cities, but once those catapults come… I may have to re-think things for next time.

Finally, I’d like to give a shout-out to Randomgeek and Rylar, who offered a lot of help and advise. I’m very much looking forward to the next game, whatever it may be. Remember to vote on the poll!


TC8: Day 113

Well folks, this may be the end. Things were definitely looking up. I was no longer being raided, the new alliance was about to take off, and my two remaining cities were continuing to grow. Then a force of nature named “Inside” struck Athenry:

4,000 Imperians!? That’s more like a natural disaster than an army. It may be time to follow Rylar’s advise and start up a new server, unless any of the more experienced readers have any suggestions on where to go from here?