Upcoming Week

Just wanted to give a quick post to say I’ve started checking out a new Facebook game, Glory of Rome. Of course, I still need to put my thoughts together about Trade Nations and Clash of Kingdoms, not to mention an interview with Aloriah coming up this week! The world of Online Strategy games is keeping me on my toes!


Interesting Comments

One of the develoeprs from Aloriah left a comment! Depending on how the poll goes this weekend, I’ll be starting a game with them when they start their new server.

Mytheria made a slew of comments during my absense, so I’ll return the favor by including a link to his Freesky Blog which recently has been discussing Plants vs zombies.

Finally, Uryxt pointed me to another OSG, Cultures Online. Unfortunately, aside from the home page it seems the game is in German. Coupled with Stone Age Kings, that makes two OSG’s I really wish would hire a translator.


Mech Hero: Forthcoming

The developers of Mech Hero have contacted me and wanted to let you know that they have been making solid progress with the beta and targeting the week of November 5th for actual release.

I played the game for a while and though I never got around to posting a review it was definitely a game worth checking out. Most interesting was their combat system, which is much more sophisticated than your average OSG. I’ll let Mech Hero’s marketing do the talking for a spell:

“The novelty Mech Hero brings into MMOSGs is an advanced combat mechanism coupled with a unique Unit Behavior System; this allows for an easy way to control an individual unit’s combat behavior. This combat can also be simulated, as well as visualized, to gain a better understanding of improvements a player should make to their current combat tactics.

“Unlike the typical MMOSG, the player won’t have to manage huge armies with thousands of units; in Mech Hero, each combat robot is a separate entity which has its own characteristics, weapons and battlefield behavior pattern.

“In addition, with each battle, a combat robot gathers experience, which allows upgrading of their current characteristics and enriches their “intelligence” on the battlefield. Many additions, like NPCs (Non-player Controlled units), artifacts, and unique weapons, are hidden on the world map for players to explore.”

They’ve also revealed some pretty impressive artwork. Even though these aren’t necessarily “in-game”, they’re still pretty sweet.

You can also check out what they have to say about Mech Hero on BBGsite and OnRPG.

Finally, this seems like a good opportunity to mention two other Sci-Fi OSG’s that readers have suggested. I’ve yet to actually play either of these, but hope to get the change soon. Here’s Neorift: Nova and Dark Expanse.


OSG1 Strikes Back

Like the Empire!

Talk about falling off the bandwagon… I hadn’t even realized it’s been so long since an update. So, let me see if I can’t get back to a regularly scheduled OSG blog. Thank you everyone for bearing with me.

First up, a long overdue review of Civilization V!


Preview: The Bible Online

A new OSG, “The Bible Online: Heroes” launched its beta test earlier this week. Here’s what the game has to say about itself:

“The Bible Online: Heroes is new browser based MMORGP with the turn-battle system of RTS, where the players can create their nomadic tribes and be upgraded by hunting animals and having battles with other tribes. In this chapter of the game, you can meet ‘Abraham’ and his descenants, who are the first ancestors of humans chosen by God and the real heroes in the Bible.”

First, making any video game out of the Bible is risky. First, because despite the source material, there has yet to be a good video game based on the Bible. Second, there’s bound to be some religious group or another that finds this offensive. Of course, maybe FIAA is counting on that.

As for the game itself, since I’m now in Ukraine I managed to get into the Beta. At first look it seems VERY much like your typical OSG, Evony style. Aside from being set in ancient Mesopotamia, I don’t see what’s very Biblical about it. I certainly don’t recall any scriptures about upgrading your mines and timber camps. And training a slinger doesn’t quite count. On the forums I’ve read that there are indeed some interesting elements such as Faith and Spiritual attacks, but I’ve yet to reach them. Though I have built myself a Lvl 1 “Sheep Pen”, I can’t seem to use it yet.

I’ll post another update once I get further into the game.


I Am the Lord of Ultima (well, not yet) Part 16

I Am the Lord of Ultima (well, not yet) Part 16
– by Goemon

Last time I mentioned my plans for the construction of a beach side resort/ naval base, obviously on the coast of this continent called Caledonia (that’s some alliteration for you guys. I run a highly intellectual column here). Well, I have a decent enough start, at least I think I do. I haven’t looked at any tutorials for towns focusing on ship building, but I think I get the concept of as many barracks and specific unit buildings as possible.

Here’s what I have so far; let me know what you think:

I’m solely building Sloops for now, because they seem like the most well rounded (solid defense, decent enough offense). My other option is Frigates, which are the siege unit of the naval world, but until I can buffer the rest of my offensive cities I think I’ll hold out on that for now. I’ve tried a few naval raids but they’ve been pretty anticlimactic since I haven’t built up enough of a fleet just yet.

Enough about my pathetic attempt at a naval base, though. Let’s talk about YOU. Well, me as well, but only because this concerns all Lord of Ultima players in general. I’ve talked a bit about the endgame before, but I really do enjoy reading through all the raging forum goers continuously complaining about it. It’s got to be the number one complaint.

Right now, the gates just look like this.

But eventually, and allegedly “soon,” they will look like this.

And once this subtle blue hue is added, the world of Ultima will pretty much go to hell. Riots in the towns. Armies turning against their kings. Players betraying their alliances (Note- none of this will actually happen, except for possibly backstabbing players).

Seriously though, the world will literally end soon after these gates open- I, as well as most of the rest of the community, can’t wait to see what happens.

Site News

Just a bit of site news. The List of Games has been updated again. It’s starting to get a bit unwieldy, but I’m happy to keep expanding it. I’m also going to be starting a new poll soon, but take a look at the current one if you haven’t already voted.

Our friends at Travian Champion had an article published on bbgsite.com, so go give it a read!

A reader left a comment on my EnuaOnline review addressing some of the problems I had with the game. I’d still recommend giving the game a shot as it’s a really innovative step for the genre. Finally, I’ve got a couple of guest articles lined up for this week, so stay tuned!