Travian, Ikariam, Aloriah, Oh my!

Did you wake up this morning and think to yourself “where can I find the latest developments about my favourite browser based online strategy games?” Well, you’ve come to the right place, because it’s been a big week (though quite possibly more than a week and I just didn’t notice)

I think the biggest news is Travian 4. If you head on over to this page you can enter a raffle for a Beta Key. You can also find out more about the game on the Travian 4 blog: I’ll pour over the blog this week and hopefully give you guys a short summary of what’s in store for us.

Next, Aloriah is having their own competition. Basically if you promote the game (maybe by having a post about it in everyone’s favourite OSG blog?) you can win some cool stuff. And not in-game stuff, but actual prizes. More here.

Finally, this one’s a bit old, but Ikariam added a “friend system” (on right). Basically, you can have twelve players who are considered your friends. Every time one of them founds a new colony or completes a research, you get a little bonus. Now, since most players on my Eta server have been around for a while, the bonuses are laughable. Since you very rarely found colonies or complete researches once you reach a certain size, and the bonuses are so small, it seems pretty pointless. I suppose Gameforge is hoping this will encourage new players (who it might be useful for), and I would definitely appreciate a slew of new players on Eta. Who else am I going to pillage? The friends can actually be a little useful though, because you can see when they are online. This proves very helpful when it’s war time.



I am the Lord of Ultima (well, not yet) Part 14

I am the Lord of Ultima (well, not yet)
– by Goemon

I’m sure I’m not your only link to the official Lord of Ultima Forums, but if you don’t frequent them often, it’s easy to miss a lot of the goings-on in the game. Plus, it takes a special type of person to delve into the cavernous depths of that hardcore community. I consider myself to be somewhere in between the casuals and the diehard Lord of Ultima fans; I understand the majority of the game mechanics, and in fact know them well, but at the same time I can still learn quite a bit from reading threads and posts from more experienced players.

So hopefully some of the things I relate to you are interesting or even helpful.

Right now the forums are in the middle of a contest of their own; this one starring everyone’s favorite feudal lord, the Baron. Although you can’t really tell by his tiny display icon, apparently the LoU designers decided the Baron is a huge (read: fat) glutton. This could also be due to his exorbitant cost of 50,000 gold, or the fact that he consumes 100 units of food a day. By comparison, both a Knight and THE HORSE HE RIDES ON only eat 25. No wonder he gets his own contest.

In case you’re not a math wiz, that means the Baron eats four times as much in one day as a one-thousand pound animal (horses average at 1000 pounds- don’t worry I googled it). What, is this guy from Texas or something? Zing!

Anyways, the contest is to “create an image” of the baron, using “any artistic discipline.” Interpretive dance or performance art anyone? Perhaps some abstract expressionism (if you don’t know, that’s when people splatter paint all over a canvas)? I almost feel like I should submit something like that to EA, just in an attempt to elicit a response. But alas, I probably won’t, due to my lack of inspiration. YOU should enter the contest though, because you get free diamonds, and there will be up to three winners. Plus there’s only a handful of entries so far, so even if your artistic skills aren’t the greatest you still have a shot! Let me know how it goes.

As for me, I decided to branch out of my little territory in search of adventure. I’m talking about investing in some beachfront property.

This is one of the only spots by the coast left on the continent by my quick scan, so I’m jumping on it. Hopefully being in a new area will stir up a little more excitement. I’m sending an escort of thousands of Guardians with my Baron, and hopefully that will be enough to protect the new town while I get it set up.

Battle Narrative Contest: Results

And so it ends. The Battle Narrative Contest is over. Congratulations to Eric Markle and his winning tale of the siege of Cori Celesti. Hopefully he can use the prize to keep his empire thriving. This has been a great contest, thanks to all who participated!


Battle Narrative Contest: Vote!

Here it is! The Battle Narrative Contest only received 4 entries, but now it’s up to you to decide who wins the prize! Follow the links to read each of the entries and vote for your favorite. Whichever story has the most votes at the end of a week will be the victor!

Eric Markle
James Pryor



Yet another OSG, Rock Age, has landed on Facebook. It’s currently still in Alpha, but I’ll be getting a review out sometime this week (right after I finish Verdonia). Also, tomorrow is the last day to submit something to the battle contest! Who doesn’t want to win free in-game currency?