OSG Popularity II

Following on on my previous posts regarding OSG popularity I did another, more extensive Alexa search and am happy to share the results. Granted, as with last time this isn’t a completely accurate analysis as I’ve only referenced the most popular domain, so I haven’t taken travian.de or travian.us into account, both of which are very popular. Further, some games share a domain (for example, Freeksy and Lods Online are both subdomains of igg.com) and so their numbers are combined.

I’ll confess some of this is rather surprising. I had no idea that eRepublik was so popular, and thought Utopia Kingdoms would do better than it apparently has. Anyway, hopefully this information can be useful for players looking to join a thriving game community, and for any future OSG developers to know what they’re up against.



Battle Narrative Entry: Goemon

On 06.28.10 at 0900 hours, the so-far peaceful Country of Surfgoemon was attacked. Located on a sunny, unassuming little of the coast of South America, Surfgoemon’s main focus has been research. Well, military research, sure, but research nonetheless! The attackers struck without warning both from the air and the ground, with squads of both Anti-Tank Missiles and Paratroopers. The barbwire surrounding the Surfgoemon facility stopped all of the Anti-Tank Missile soldiers in their tracks, but the unprepared defenses were little match for the thousands of Paratroopers that made their way in. The remaining Soldiers fought valiantly, but unfortunately all were lost. With their sacrifice, however, they were able to save the vast majority of the country’s buildings, and the island will live to fight another day.

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Desert Operations Review

Game Site: uk.desert-operations.com
Developer: next idea GmbH

Desert Operations is an OSG with a refreshing modern-warfare theme.

The most impressive aspect of the game is the graphics. There are some great 3d rendering that really convey the feel of leading a South American drug cartel.

The number one resource in Desert Operations is money. This is generated by your “residential houses” and “skyscrapers”, and is used to build pretty much everything. The other resources are ammunition, oil, and gold. The ammunition is used by your soldiers every time they go into battle. Similar to Nile Online or Torpia, oil is refined into Kerosene and Diesel, which is consumed by your tanks and aircraft every time they go into battle.

One interesting asepct of the game is that most of the buildings have “extensions”. For example, in the Barracks there are extensions for “Tank Exercise” and “Firing Range” that are needed to build tanks and foot soldiers respectively. This could be a little confusing as it may be hard to find the extensions you’re trying to build. Also, each builing can only be built in its specific slot, meaning when the tutorial says “Build a University”, you have to click around to find the right slot.

Combat also seems a little complicated. There are foot soldiers, tanks, air, and sea units, and units can also be given formations. Once you get the hang of it though, it can give a new element of strategy that’s not present in some of the simpler games like Travian.

The game has a few UI problems (many screens such as the battle simulator open on top of the map, and then have their own scroll and close, which is a little difficult to navigate, and the gave is simply too tall to fit on my screen (ie I cannot see my resources and the bottom of the main window at the same time) and some translation errors, but otherwise is a pretty solid presentation and a pretty fun game. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who’s looking for something different than a mediavel or space themed OSG.