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Just a bit of site news. The List of Games has been updated again. It’s starting to get a bit unwieldy, but I’m happy to keep expanding it. I’m also going to be starting a new poll soon, but take a look at the current one if you haven’t already voted.

Our friends at Travian Champion had an article published on, so go give it a read!

A reader left a comment on my EnuaOnline review addressing some of the problems I had with the game. I’d still recommend giving the game a shot as it’s a really innovative step for the genre. Finally, I’ve got a couple of guest articles lined up for this week, so stay tuned!



EnuaOnline Review

Game Site:
Game Developer: Enuaonline
Rating: Worth Checking Out

EnuaOnline is an Italian-based OSG that introduces some game mechanics I have long been waiting for, by allowing players to design and build a city that actually affects combat.

Enua is a lot more like a typical RTS than an OSG. Just like WarCraft or Command and Conquer, your troops actually move around on the world map and inside your cities. This allows for a lot more strategic control than your standard OSG. You can keep your archers and healers in the back, flank enemies, set up ranks, etc. This video is a good demonstration:

The additional level of control, however, adds some major gameplay problems. Since your troops rely on player input to move around and fight, they are essentially sitting ducks when you’re not logged in to the game. You can build towers, which do automatically fire-back at any nearby enemies, but that just begs the question: if the developers have already programmed towers that automatcally fire back, why not just add this functionality to troops? Hopefully this will be addressed before the game finishes beta.

The city-building aspect is also a lot different. There are very few structures to build and they never need upgrading. City-building mostly involves constructing lots of defensive towers and stockades. The wall-building is definitely a great new game element, the loss of the rest of the city-building is unfortunate, especially since there’s such potential. As every city has a unique spot on the world map, it would be far more interesting if this produced different terrain for the city. For example, my city it built on a coast; ideally the top of my city view would show the ocean and the possibility to build harbors or something.

The monetization strategy is also a little different. There are many features (advanced units and buildings) that can only be accessed after paying a good deal of in-game currency. Personally this doesn’t seem like a smart decision, since it asks the players to make such a large investment in a game before experiencing the full range of gameplay.

All in all, the game has some excellent new gameplay elements but also compromises a lot that we’ve come to expect from the genre. Hopefully as the game continues to develop they will shore up some of the missing aspects, making EnuaOnline one of the strongest OSG’s out there.