Ikariam.UA Shut Down

As announced in the forum, the Ukranian Ikariam server is scheduled to be closed at the end of the month. Certainly some of the players will be migrating to different servers, but either way it is very unfortunate for all of the players who have spent years nurturing their island empires.

To celebrate, the players decided to throw one final battle, and the whole world is invited! From what I’ve heard, the battle is well beyond round 1,000 now, and each round is taking the server 50 minutes to calculate. You can check out the overview report or the detailed report, though the detailed report is definitely having problems loading. Hopefully I’ll get another update once the battle is over.

To everyone on ua.ikariam.com fighting until the bitter end, на здоровье!



Gameforge is on a roll. Last week they released a new game, Europe 1400, an economic based game I’ll have to try to check out. Today they signed a worldwide licensing agreement to publish free-to-play browser-based games based on the Star Trek franchise. This is very exciting! Of course there’s no guarantee that any of these games will be OSG’s, but surely it’s a franchise well suited to the genre. I’m especially glad to hear that one of games will be based on Deep Space Nine. DS9 was my favorite Star Trek series and I’ve always felt it sort of got the shaft, never really being utilized in movies or other games. Hopefully Gameforge can do it right!