WebMMO iPad Giveaway

WebMMO is having a contest and is giving away an iPad, amongst other things. You have to get 30 friends to join the site, though I wager they would count acquaintances or anyone you can trick into clicking a link. If I win I can use the iPad to check out Castlecraft 🙂

WebMMO is the site that hosts Heroes of Gaia, Lords of Evil, and Legacy of the Holy Castle. The cool thing is that you can play all their games with the same account, a definite plus for those of us that are reaching the limit on usernames and passwords we can remember.



Legacy of the Holy Castle Review

Game Site: holy.webmmo.com
Game Developer: Ray Flame Entertainment Inc
Raing: Worth Checking Out

Legacy of the Holy Castle is a mostly text-based OSG that is very userfriendly and presents some interesting game ideas.

Players will first notice that the game is minimalistic when it comesto graphics. However, Holy Castle still presents players with a veryclean, inviting interface, and the graphics they do incorporate areadorably retro and conjur memories of grand 8-bit adventures.

The simplicity of the graphics, however, hide a relatively complexgameplay. At its foundation Holy Castle employs all the basic OSGfeatures; building mines to produce resource to then produce otherbuildings. On top of that there is a whole system of research andgoods required to build an army. For example, to build your firsttroops, Archers, you won’t just need a barracks, you will also need aBlacksmith, then upgrade your Smithing skill, then forge some Bows andChainmail. Alternatively, you could also trade for the Bows andChainmail in the marketplace.

Holy Castle incorporates a stong emphasis on the “Hero”, and takes itin a new direction for an OSG. It seems most OSG’s these days allowyou to train or hire a hero, and in most games these are used solelyas a bonus to combat or as a way to encourage players to spend money.In Holy Castle you can send your hero Lumbering, where he will returnwith a fresh supply of wood. This is the main way you acquire wood inthe game, which is a crucial resource, thus making a strong heroessential to your success in the game. You can also have your heroTrain, which is increase his experience, or Search and Adventure,which gives you the option to find some treasure or fight some NPCbattles and feels alot like an RPG.

The game also employs the “formation” style of combat, where you canassign your troops into different formations on the battlefield thatwill affect the outcome of combat.You also have the option toparticipate in tournaments, where you will fight against anotheron-line player without having to risk anything.

All of these features may come off as too much for some players.There’s less emphasis on pure resource management than in yourtraditional OSG, and all the different aspects of the game can makegetting into it a little intimidating and a little slow. For example,I always want to explore a game’s combat system, but all the stepsrequired to build an army in Holy Castle made that a much lengthierprocess than most games. On the other hand, players may appreciatethat in Holy Castle, there’s always something to do.

If you’re looking for something that could be described as a “lightOSG”, with an emphasis on fun and a rich 8-bit RPG heritege, Legacy ofthe Holy Castle may be the game for you.