Which Game Should Oliver Play Next?

Alright, during my posting lapse my Travian account fell to ruins, so now I’m looking for a new OSG to pick up. I’ve put together a poll of a few I’m interested in, but I’m open to suggestions as well. If there’s a game you’d like to see me play and chronicle, feel free to add it to the comments and I’ll take that in consideration as well.

The game with the most votes (and / or comments) after seven days wins a brand new player.







Medievo Review (mini review)

Game Site: www.medievo.com
Game Developer: Lumentech
Rating: Potential!

Medievo is an OSG from Brazil that has a lot of potential. I haven’t been able to delve as deep as I would like to, and the game is still in early beta, so consider this a mini-review.

Medievo breaks the standard OSG format by placing everything on the world map. There’s no city view / resource view / world view: everything is together. You start with a castle which allows you to build other structures within a certain radius. You then build your sawmills on top of forests, build your quarries on top of hills, etc. This opens up a whole degree of strategy not present in other OSG’s. Finally you can go to war to seize a gold mine, instead of just looting some gold. You can build all your farms next to a river so you only have to defend one side, or you can team up with another player to out-flank an enemy. There is a lot of strategic potential here.

The main drawback of the game for me is the balance issue between resource production and what you need to spend. There are some very rigid restrictions on building prerequisites. For example: in order to build a barracks you need a blacksmith, which requires a library, which requires a level 2 castle, which requires three level 3 wood warehouses before you can hold enough lumber to build it! I’ve played for a week and still my only military unit is the scout that I started with.

The graphics are a little blocky as well. Each individual element (a farm, a castle, a scout, etc) is rendered very nicely, but they’re arranged in a clear square grid with a wide area around each that makes them seem very discontinuous. The game could also benifit from a zoom in / zoom out feature.

Nevertheless, I’m very excited to see what this game will look like once it comes out of beta, and it should be pretty easy for the developers to shore up some of the balance issues.