Weekend Links

Travian Champions is doing some great wrapup of S9, including this great Round Table Interview. It’s really cool to get leaders from the different alliances together.

I mentioned Global Agenda before: a game that combines FPS with the persistant world and alliance interplay of an OSG. Global Agenda Blog tracks how the alliances are doing, amongst other things.

There’s also a cool post over at Gamasutra about the importance of gaming culture that discusses music and art inspired by video games.

Haha, hopefully you will find at least some of that interesting.



Add a Little Music to Your Age of Ocean

Goemon here again with a few song ideas to help you make your OSG experience a little bit more enjoyable. This time I’ll be talking about the aesthetically pleasing yet auditorially (I may have just made that word up) lacking pirate/navigation-themed game Age of Ocean.

Senses Fail “Rum Is for Drinking Not for Burning”

Allow me to preface this one with a warning: it’s pretty emo, and I know how much of a bad rap that word gets, so if you hate it then this song probably isn’t for you. This particular song came out a couple years before the world found it fashionable to hate emo music though, so if you give it a listen your friends might not make fun of you. Musical classifications aside, it’s a damn good anthem for all your sailing hijinks. With lines like “Now set the sail to quarter mast, We’ll jump their ship we’ll sink ’em fast. Men follow me to victory, Red is the sea, red is the sea.” Presumably, they are referring to the blood in the water from your fallen enemies. Plus, what about that title? Isn’t that a reference to Jack Sparrow, everybody’s favorite pirate? You really can’t go wrong. I recommend you give it a listen when on the way to a naval battle.

Senses Fail “Rum Is for Drinking Not for Burning”

He is Legend “The Widow of Magnolia”

This song from the southern rock/metal/hardcore/whatever-you-want-to-call-it- band He is Legend tells the tragic tale of a shipwrecked sailor desperate to get back to his wife. Long story short, she waits as long as she can, but gives up, as she believes her lover “chose the ocean floor over me,” a.k.a. drowned. He’s still out there, but I guess a girl can only wait for so long. What a heartbreaker. Anyways, I recommend this one if you’ve been out on the digital sea just too long- it can definitely take awhile to find those new ports or even just to sail to ones the you’ve already discovered. Ideally this will give you the courage to continue. Or give up, whatever. Unfortunately all I can offer you is the live version, and the lead singer looks to be a bit drunk. Hopefully on rum! You get the point.

He is Legend “The Widow of Magnolia”

Bright Eyes “Another Travelin’ Song”

I think this song applies pretty nicely for a couple reasons. First of all is the spirit of travel! This song captures it perfectly. And while Conor (the singer) might be talking about the open road, the theme of freedom is the same. The open road, the open ocean…close enough. Also, I think we can all relate to lines like this: ” Now I’m hunched over a typewriter…I’m still staring at a clean white page.” Why, you ask? Because whether we’re at work, school, or home, there’s most likely something we should be doing other than playing Age of Ocean (or any OSG for that matter). Hell, I’m hunched over a keyboard right now with Age of Ocean in the background. I can’t be the only one.

Bright Eyes “Another Travelin’ Song”

Zombie Ghost Train “The Undead Sea”

This one’s a bit rockabilly, and it’s also an instrumental. I think the title is a play on The Dead Sea. Clever, right? Think of that eponymous “Wipeout” song, only more sinister. Maybe mixed with zombies. Since it’s an instrumental, there’s no lyrics to analyze or try to relate to, but that also means it’s perfect for every occasion. Personally, I recommend it for the maiden voyage of your newly created fleet. Unfortunately this one’s not on youtube…but for a taste of their sound, check out “Long Dark Night” if you want.

Zombie Ghost Train “The Undead Sea”

Thrice “The Digital Sea”

From The Undead Sea to The Digital Sea. I’m going to go ahead and say the title of this song is the most fitting for the premise of this game- after all, Age of Ocean is all about digital sailing across a digital sea. With lines like “I am drowning in a digital sea/ I am slipping beneath the sound,” this song is less about conquest or victory, and more about introspection. But that’s ok! You’ve got plenty of time for that out on the open water in between ports. Or maybe you’re like me, and it’s 3 AM and you really do not want to finish that ten page paper (or TPS Report, whatever’s your poison), so you’re logging some time into AoO. But you can’t get that horrible feeling of procrastination out of your head. Play this song to calm down a bit, finish your trade, and then get back to work. Or fall asleep, whatever. If you like this one, throw on the entire Alchemy Index Volume II CD for more water/ocean-themed goodness.

Thrice “The Digital Sea”

Add a Little Music to Your Lord of Ultima

Goemon returns with an amusing article about pairing music to OSG gameplay. I especially appreciated the inclusion of some Celtic Punk. Enjoy!

Add a Little Music to Your Lord of Ultima
– by Goemon

They say silence is golden, and designers of browser based games definitely take that statement to heart. In case you’re tired of all that quiet, I came up with a few songs that you can play for yourself depending on your current situation in Lord of Ultima.

Joy Division – “Isolation”

If you are the type of player that considers base and resource management the best part of the game, this song is for you. You have no desire to branch out and dominate your neighbors; you would much rather live a peaceful, prosperous life inside your castle walls. Unfortunately, this is the kind of action that breeds loneliness. For those that need a little reassurance, but are too scared to type in that Public Chat box, just take a listen to Ian Curtis’s haunting voice and know that at least you’re not as messed up as he is. Or was, rather. (He died.)

Alternative: 80s post punk not your thing? Put 50 Cent’s “I Get Money” on repeat while you watch your resources climb.

Joy Division – Isolation
50 Cent – I Get Money

3 inches of blood – “Destroy the Orcs”

Alright, so you got your army together and you’re getting ready to raid that forest dungeon. Ship them off and put on something the Vikings probably would have listened to if amps, v-shaped guitars, and I suppose electricity in general had been around in their day. Be careful with this one though; you might need to turn your speakers down or your ears might melt from the shrill cries, screams, and furious guitar riffs of this power metal band. The chorus of the song is simple and perfectly describes what you are about to do: “Kill the orcs, slay the orcs, destroy the orcs!”

Alternative: You may be more familiar with DragonForce’s “Through the Fire and Flames;” this is also acceptable. Really any power metal song will do. They’re all pretty interchangeable.*

*No offense power metal fans

3 Inches of Blood – Destroy the Orcs
Dragonforce – Through the Fire and the Flames

Ladytron – “High Rise”

You just turned the game on for the first time, but you are no stranger to the OSG. You know you’ve got a long road ahead of you and you need to start hoarding resources, building troops, and upgrading every building in sight. Of course, you also have to click through the cookie cutter game mistress’s oh-so-useful “tutorial.” Combine those first few game moments of monotony with some repetitive, yet surprisingly catchy, electronic beats. Are there better Ladytron songs? Sure, but the title alludes to that massive castle you’re about to upgrade.

Alternative: Oh I get it. You’re too manly to listen to a band with the word “Lady” in their name. I understand. If that’s the case, throw on an 80s montage anthem like Joe Esposito’s “You’re the Best Around” or the theme from Rocky or something.

Ladytron – High Rise
Joe Esposito – You’re the Best Around

Flogging Molly – “Drunken Lullabies”

This Irish-inspired punk band (or Celtic Punk, according to Wikipedia) might not be heard much outside of pubs or drunken St. Paddy’s Day parties, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Sure, Lord of Ultima is set in a fictional location, but it could be Ireland in the middle ages. Not buying it? That’s fine, because this song is the perfect anthem for strangers coming together. I’m talking about using this as the soundtrack to your celebration of a successful Alliance battle. Maybe you guys successfully sieged a city, or maybe you helped your buddy defend his own town by sending some of your troops over. And yeah, you might not be able to swing your arm over buddy’s shoulder and sway back and forth while shouting the chorus, but hey, this is as close as you’re going to get. Pour yourself a Guinness while you’re at it.

Alternative: Dropkick Murphys’ “The Gauntlet.” Another rousing Irish jig that really cements the camaraderie in battle theme.

Floggy Molly – Drunken Lullabies
Dropkick Murphys – The Gauntlet