Link Dump

Hah, to make up for last post’s enormous block of text, here are some quick links:

Flash of Steel discusses Civilziation 5’s announcement that playing as the Babylonians will only be available in the Deluxe Edition. He is not happy about it.

BBG Site posted the “Top Space Themed Browser Games”. Several OSG’s (including OGame and Imperion) make the list. There’s also a 3d space-flier that looks interesting. Impressive that such things can be playd in a browser!

Gamasutra discusses the rise of the Prepaid Game Cards industry. Some of these can be used to purchase OSG in-game currency, and I was surprised by how many of these there are when I went to purchase the prize fot the Ikariam Battle Contest I had a while back.



OGame Links

Hah, I found some funny Ogame links.

OGame on Urban Dictionary

A hilareous NSFW Image