Geeking Out

Three posts in a day! Either I’m on a roll, or should have consolidated.

First, I wanted to note that Inside Social Games has put up a review of Trade Nations for the iPhone. In case you can’t wait for my own forthcoming review, feel free to check it out.

Now brace yourself, it gets pretty geeky from here on.

Gamasutra reports that theStargate Resistance FPS servers are shutting down in January. This is really a shame. Stargate is a great series, and I’ve been really enjoying Stargate Universe, and it deserves a great game. I’ve actually thought for a long time that Stargate would make for a great online strategy game!

The dynamics of the Stargate provide so many unique strategic options which would be fun to explore. The fact that a Stargate can only be open in one direction, and you never know for sure what’s on the other side, is fascinating. The ability to shut down a planet’s Gate by dialing in, and then sending in your fleet of motherships, is a great tactic. There’s also the Stargate itself which can be used as a weapon. There was an episode of SG1 where the enemy was pumping energy through the Gate that would have made it explode, so the team had to take the gate itself into orbit so Earth would be unaffected. There was another where the Replicators attached rockets to a Gate and fired a giant laser through the other side, so the Gate could then fly around the galaxy blowing stuff up. Ahem… all to say, Stargate would make an excellent OSG.

Which leads me to Star Trek Infinite Space. This is a browser-based game being developed by Gameforge, based off the Deep Space Nine series. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will be an OSG. DS9 was by far my favorite Start Trek series, and is also ripe for an online strategy game. There’s a variety of different races with complicated diplomatic relations and political intrigue (the Federation, Cardassians, Romulans, Klingons, Bajorians, and Dominion), there’s the Jem’Hadar who are fierce warriros but rely on a supply of Ketracel White, and there’s the wormhole that functions as this huge choke-hold for cross-quadrant warfare. How can you not make an OSG with this!? Anyway, Star Trek Infinite Space is approaching Alpha, so sign up if you’re interested.



Preview: Aloriah, Tauriworld

I’ve added a few more to the list of games. Some interesting ones include new OSG’s Aloriah and Tauriworld.


Aloriah is currently in beta. The game is a lot like Travian at its base, but also emphasizes heroes wandering around the world and exploring. The world itself is quite interesting and the end-game revolves around getting to the center of the map and slaying the Mother Dragon. It’s also one of the first OSG’s I’ve encountered with an opening video. I just started yesterday. but hope to have an actual review in the near future.


Tauriworld is Polish game with its own intro video. It’s a steam-punk themed OSG with some interesting ideas, including an island theme like Ikariam and troops that have a specific range. Unfortunately it sufferes from poor UI and I can’t figure out how to construct a new building. I seem to have met all the requirements, but there’s no button that says build! Hopefully they’ll be able to clean that up soon.

I found the name “Tauriworld” pretty interesting, as Tauri is the word for the humans of earth in the Stargate universe, though apparently it was also the name of a people south of the Ukraine. Asgard Heroes also drew from Stargate. Interesting…