Stronghold Kingdoms Goes Beta

Stronghold Kingdoms, a downloadable MMORTS, has moved from Alpha to Beta, issuing the following message:

“We at Firefly towers have at last thrown open the gates to Stronghold Kingdoms! Having put many long hours into the game we are both proud and really excited to be finally going ‘Live’.

“A huge thanks to all who have played and helped test on the 4 Alpha iterations, your feedback has been (and will continue to be) fantastic.

“We are still a beta, which in our minds means that the game is not completely finished and we will be continuing on developing it and will be adding new features over the course of the coming months (some of which are surprisingly big!). Being in beta does also of course mean that there may still be the occasional bug in the game or a screen that could do with a lick of paint, but we ask you to bear with it for a short while at least!”

I played the Alpha for a while, though not as much as I would have liked. They did a great job of combining the castle designing gameplay that the Stronghold series is known for with the traditional OSG elements. It’s definitely a game worth checking out if you don’t mind installing it on your PC.

If any readers are playing, let me know what you think!



Quick News

Stronghold 3 has been announced, as reported by Worth Playing. Personally, I’m very much looking forward to Stronghold Kingdoms, which is currently in Alpha.

In other news, Gamasutra posts about Evony trying to clean up its act. Good luck with that.