Battle Narrative Contest: Vote!

Here it is! The Battle Narrative Contest only received 4 entries, but now it’s up to you to decide who wins the prize! Follow the links to read each of the entries and vote for your favorite. Whichever story has the most votes at the end of a week will be the victor!

Eric Markle
James Pryor



What Do You Look For In An OSG?

What do you look for when trying a new OSG? Granted, all of these are important, but what’s the highest on your list. Or to approach it a different way, what should OSG developers focus the most on? Polished gameplay? Originality? Pretty Graphics? A lot of players to interact with? Let your voice be heard!

I wish I could get these polls to allow ranking instead of just casting a single vote. Alas, we’ll have to make do with what wordpress allows. Also, I’lm going to let the last poll run for another week before discussing it. Hopefully we’ll get a few more votes! There’s only a small fraction of readers who are voting… exercise your democracy!