A Little News: Aloriah, WW2 Assembly, E3

One of the developers of Aloriah have found my review and left a response. One of their comments is very encouraging and bodes well for the game “One of our main priorities is to always listen to complaints, thoughts and ideas our community gives us. We feel that a great game can only be created with the help of those who actually play it.” This is in stark contrast to a recent post on the Ikariam forum by shinypenny: “Everyone was talking about how the existing servers are too sparsely populated, and how they should be merged, and GF does the opposite and expands. Oh that’s funny.”

The Aloriah developers also have their own blog about the game, and I’m always interested in getting a look at the people behind a game.

Play Comet recently released a new game, WWII Assembly. This is curious as Play Comet already has a game WWII Warfare which I reviewed earlier. Why one developer would release two games that are so similar is beyond me. Apparently they’re not above stealing art from Ikariam either.

WW2 Assembly


Finally, if all goes according to plan I should be able to visit E3 later this week. I’ll definitely look around for any OSG news I can find, though I imagine the floor will mostly be dedicated to much larger games 🙂 If there’s anything specific you think I should look for let me know!



More Games

Here’s a preview of a couple games I’m dabbling in. I hope to get a new review out this weekend:

World War 2 Warfare

Konoro Kingdom