Move Along

I spent a little more time with King of Nations, but unfortunately don’t have much to report. The game play is essentially the same as Evony, Kingory, etc, and there’s nothing really unique about it. It also suffers from poor translation and some terrible UI color choices. Since there are already so many games that offer the same gameplay, same visual theme, and a little more polish, I’d suggest passing this one up.

On the plus side, the city view is rendered in 3d and looks pretty nice. The drawback though is that every building has its predetermined slot so it’s harder to get that sense of “this is MY city”.

The game does include the now standard sexy tutorial lady, so at least it’s got that going for it.

There was also a review of King and Conqueror posted over at MMO Hut that came to pretty much the same conclusion: nothing to see here.



Art Theft Strikes Again

I was checking out the latest game from Hithere, King and Conqueror.

At the very beginning of the game I was asked to choose a profile picture for my Hero, and noticed one of the options looked suspiciously like the Hulk. There was another that seemed familiar as well. After I built up some Mines I went to build some troops and staring back at me was an image from Pascal Blanche (second row).

I did some research and it turns out the Hulk image was done by Jonas Thornqvist. Now, I suppose it’s possible that Hithere got permission from the artists to use their work, but I sort of doubt it. Further, the Hulk is owned by Marvel, and it’s quite unlikely that Hithere would be able to get the rights to use him here. This is very similar to what Castle Age was caught doing a while back… We’ll see what happens.