OSG Advertising Fail

Perhaps I pay too much attention to ads. You would think though, after the whole ordeal with Evony, that other OSG’s would be more careful with their advertising campaigs.

Something struck me about these sets of ads, on top for Caesary, below for War of Legends. Regardless of whether they sound a might like Theodor Geisel, do they come off as a bit similar? Now, if this were Travian and Imperion or any other set of OSG’s run by the same company, it certainly wouldn’t be an issue. But as far I know Jagex (War of Legends) is one of the few OSG companies not to purchase a copy of Caesary, so they’re definitely competition.

So what happened here? Did one game copy the other? Did they both hire an outside advertising firm who figured they’d kill two clients with one Ad?

Then there’s this one:

Clearly that’s Sagat. Moreover, it’s a cropped painting of Sagat by Enrico Galli made over a year ago. This is perplexing. Putting aside any ethical issues about ripping off an artist or the possible legal battle with Capcom, War of Lgends has a number of their own characters they could have easily used in these ads. Look, I created two ads for them just now by stealing art off the War of Legends home page. It only took me 5 minutes and I’ve potentially saved Jagex a law suit.

You’re welcome,


Oh So Much News

I was checking bbgsite today, as I usually do. So much news!

There’s an article about a game “Human, 10000 BC” which is compared to a browser-based Starcraft II. Oddly enough, there’s no link to the game, no mention of who is making the game (even though the unnamed producer is quoted), and a Google search for “Human, 10000 BC” yields nothing save the article. Perhaps everything is still in Chinese?

Lord of Ultima has now moved to Open Beta! Looking forward to finally getting a peak at what EA has to offer the OSG community.

BBGSite posted a War of Legends review and has more info on Mech Hero, which I’m still playing in attempts to get a review out.

They also spontaneously added my review of Nemexia to their site. I guess I’m honored?


War of Legends

Found this new game, War of Legends, from Jagex. I’m going to start playing and will try to get a review up this weekend.